Every child deserves an education...

The Growing Minds Initiative is a fledgling NGO focusing on creating sustainable poultry and green vegetable farms to fund education for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

The Issue

3.1 million children have been orphaned in Tanzania alone. Many of these children live in large households that struggle to provide care for all children.

Primary school is supposed to be free within Tanzania, but unfortunately this is not always true. Uniform fees, tuition fees, desk fees, and security fees can cost around 20,000 TSH, or about 10 USD. With the average Orphaned or Vulnerable Children (OVC) household having 4 or more children, many caretakers cannot afford education.

The Issue

Building A Better Organization

The problem with many organizations is when they come in to solve a problem, they get a grant from an outside organisation that funds them for a specific amount of time.

But when that time is up, the money runs dry, and the program is forced to stop providing aid to the community.

The organization then has to look for more money from a different person, which may want to try and solve a different problem—meaning families may be left back in the same situation as where they started.

We want to do things differently

We build community farms to allow caretakers of orphaned and vulnerable children the opportunity to sustainably fund their children’s education and health, without the perpetual reliance on external funding.

Produce grown from these farms will be sold throughout Dar Es Salaam, with profits going straight to primary schools in which these children are enrolled.

Our funding creates farms, produce creates profit, which funds education and health care while sustaining the existing farms.

We want to do things differently

Help us achieve our goal by donating. $10 is all it takes to change a child's life forever.