GMI has made incredible strides since launching the initiative in early 2016. Thus far, we have raised over $20,000 for Chanika Ward's Orphaned and Vulnerable Children.

With this money, GMI has been able to fulfill its goal of providing educational subsidy for 53 children across 13 families.

After purchasing school uniforms and supplies for each student, we opened two poultry farms with the caretakers.

These two farms are on their way to sustainably fund the health care and education for these families. We have given micro-loans to each of the 13 caretakers to start their own revenue streams with the farms.

As the farms grow in 2017, the caretakers will be able to pay back the loans while growing their businesses. Small start-up capital is all most of these mothers need to build a sustainable method of providing for their families.

We also opened an office in downtown Chanika next to the children's school. This office will not only be the Tanzanian GMI headquarters, but serve as the school store, where the children can go to refill school supplies and get uniforms.

We have made vast strides so far, but we need more help. The next step will be the purchase of health care plans for the families. This, coupled with education support, will provide holistic and long-lasting support for the children and their families.

As the program expands, we will continue to enroll more children and families to deliver aid throughout Chanika.